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Monday, 10. December 2012

Want to fast and stable wireless signal should be paid attention to at 3 o 'clock

By batteryline, 04:22

Wireless Internet signal is one of the reasons for dell precision m65 laptop cpu cooling fan the influence of wireless speed, so for this, we'll see how to solve it. So we need from the time to analyze the: remove the outside signal interference, set-up wireless node equipment and other "fragments" unique skill.
Remove the outside signal interference
If there are external electrical signals or magnetic signal interference wireless Internet signal normal transmission, so the efficiency of wireless Internet will have obvious influence, so we should as far as possible, the signal interference removed away. With the ordinary wireless communication, wireless Internet signal transmission may be affected by other electromagnetic wave signal precision m70 series laptop cpu cooling fan Because IEEE802.11 b/g wireless Internet standard work frequency is 2.4 GHz, and real life many industrial equipment work frequency happened to be in the range, so wireless Internet signal is very vulnerable to the same frequency communication signals or electromagnetic signal "harassment".
If the wireless local area network there is very strong electric field or magnetic field exists, then the wireless signal transmission inevitably affected. For instance, some friends will be wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment is put in air conditioning so high power household appliances equipment near, it is found that the air conditioning equipment in working condition, the wireless Internet will appear strange network got disconnected fault, and air conditioning equipment shut down after the operation of wireless workstation and normal access wireless local area network the.
We also found out that, whenever unit staff near wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment in the position of the use of mobile phones for wireless communication, wireless Internet transmission speed is not very stable, this basically is wireless Internet signal by the mobile communication signal of harassment influence. So, when we found that the local wireless LAN exist strong electric field or strong magnetic field, should as far as possible in the strong electric field or strong magnetic field dell studio 1536 series laptop cpu cooling fan source removed, ensure wireless Internet signal can be in a relatively stable environment for transmission. If meet the working frequency of the same special phenomenon, we might as well into the wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment management background interface, and among them adjust their work frequency, in order to eliminate the influence of mutual interference.
Set-up wireless node equipment
Learn to wireless router or wireless node equipment "setup", to ensure that they can emit the strongest wireless signal. If carefully tested and found wireless Internet signal is very weak, but wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment recently did not happen position change, then we might as well try to change the wireless router or wireless node equipment channel parameters, see wireless Internet signal intensity of emission could have been reinforced. To change the wireless Internet signal channel parameters, we as long as the system administrator identity into the wireless router or wireless node equipment management background interface, find channel parameters,dell studio 17 laptop cpu cooling fan and then in the original numerical basis slightly modified.
If you use wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment support automatic selection function, we might as well start the success in function, so that the wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment in the opening can successfully connected to the Internet network; In order to automatic wireless local area network (wlan) to each workstation distribution set appropriate TCP/IP Internet parameter, we can also use wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment built-in DHCP feature is up, it can improve the efficiency of wireless station on the Internet.
If the local wireless LAN using wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment support antenna can remove the function, then our future once the Internet with the signal is weak phenomenon, might as well consider wireless router equipment or wireless node equipment original antenna is removed, and install a wireless gain antenna, used to enhance amplification wireless Internet signal, generally speaking this kind of equipment prices are usually cheaper. If we are to ensure the wireless Internet signal in the transmission process does not decay, and to be able to ensure signal transmission distance is far, that can consider to use wireless antenna gain value,dell studio 1735 laptop cpu cooling fan on the contrary, if the wireless signal transmission distance is close, we just use gain value small antenna can solve the problem. Of course, for PCI wireless card for equipment, considering they need device in the workstation of the mainframe, so many friends worry about PCI wireless card own antenna will be blocked workstation chassis shell, which affects the normal receiving wireless Internet signal; In fact, we can go to the market pick up the feeder longer external antenna, to improve wireless workstation Internet signal receiving ability, if not installed in the workstation PCI wireless card can't and wireless nodes between equipment to establish a reliable and wireless network connection.
Other "fragments" unique skill
To improve the efficiency of the wireless Internet unique skill dell studio 1737 laptop cpu cooling fan in fact there are many. For example, we can in the wireless workstation at the same time use two pieces of the same type of wireless network card equipment, their load parameters are balanced Settings, let them work on at the same time, it would improve the intangible of wireless station signal receiving ability, in this way have wireless Internet faster than a single piece of card Internet faster 1.5 times the left and right sides.
If the hand is only a piece of wireless network card equipment, we can try to save bandwidth resources from the point of view of wireless Internet, to improve the signal transmission speed. For example, in the download information or browse information, many malicious programs, advertising information will be as useful information transmission to local hard disk, and the dell vostro 1000 series laptop cpu cooling fan rubbish content will undoubtedly consume a lot of valuable bandwidth resources, so we can try to use some professional tools, similar to the advertising message such rubbish content all filter out, in order to reduce the wireless signal transmission flow, so as to achieve the purpose of save precious bandwidth resources; For instance, we can try to use advertising interception program, or killing rogue program software to reduce useless network transmission flow, at the same time will be unnecessary graphics temporarily closed, etc., to ensure that the limited network bandwidth resources all used for effective information transmission, then wireless Internet speed can be improved obviously.
In addition, in the Internet bandwidth resources under the condition of constant, if we can skillfully use information compression technology to a large number of information compression processing, then will be dell vostro 1015 series laptop cpu cooling fan compressed information transmission out of words, can indirectly improve wireless signal transmission efficiency of the purpose.